1. Only students in high schools or equals may attend the competition.
  2. Movies (including the credits) cannot be more than 15 minutes.
  3. There aren’t any topic limitations but the movie can’t include any inappropriate materials (obscenity, violence, drugs, etc.). The movie can refer to them but it is forbidden to show them in the movie.
  4. If more than 5 animation movies attend the competition, the jury will evaluate these movies in another category.
  5. The movies that will participate in the competition should be saved in PAL format independent from its original format.
  6. The jury has the authority to disqualify the movies because of the distinct technical mistakes they have.
  7. The application deadline for the 16. Golden Bull Short Movie Competition is May 1st, 2019. The following documents should be transmitted to the competition organizers by that time:

o filled application form, (is going to be filled on our website in the application section)

o A signed and approved student certificate by the school administration, (only the directors)

o Movies Impressum,

o Written contract, 

o Deed of consent.

o The movie should be uploaded on the internet by YouTube, Vimeo or Wetransfer and the link should be sent to basvuru@ielsinema.com

o Besides, two copies of the movie should be sent to the given adress in CD format with other documents.