Our club that was set up with supports of school administration is proceeding its activities continuously for 17 years. İEL Cinema Club has the honor of organizing Turkey’s first inter-highschoolsmovie contest. By having more than hundred participants, at encouragement to art point , we are also bringing light to young cinema-lovers. Both Golden Bull Short Movie Contest and Golden Bull Short Movie Festival which contains the contest within are some of ourorganizations which represent our academicallysuccessful school best at social events . By organizing the short movie festival every year, we want to bring the movies of young directors from different cultures, who participated our contest, together under the dome of cinema. Our purpose is to reachas much young people as we can. Besides conversations with leading experts and workshops are organized during the festival . Thus we are letting the students get themselves developed about cinema as getting ridof the school stress . We, İEL Cinema Club students areready to sustain this festival which no high school has ever organized in the best way by planning always the further .

All our efforts are for encouraging theyoung people, who set their hearts on cinema like us, in the correct way.