We are the students and the Cinema Club Committee members of Istanbul Erkek Lisesi, one of the most prestigious high schools in Turkey. We, as students are helming the organization of Turkey’s first inter-high school short film contest and are trying to honor our previous committee members who’ve started this journey 18 years ago.

We, as the students of IEL Cinema Club, are ready to sustain this one of a kind event, always aiming for the future, trying to better ourselves in every aspect. All of our efforts are in the cause of guiding cinema-lovers like ourselves and encouraging them to keep going. Our main goal is to end our two-day festival with our award ceremony where our grand prize “Golden Bull” will find its owner after the special workshops from many leading names in the industry.

Previous year we have tried our best to come up with a schedule that was appealing to the younger generation.
The schedule includes:
All-day Interviews from 11th-12th June
10D Movie Car in our schoolyard
Workshops with the experts from Bahcesehir University
Various interviews, events and movie screenings

The evening of 12th June, we have given our awards to the ranking contestants as well as our grand prize “Golden Bull Special Award” to the winner. We have united teenagers under the roof of the cinema industry offering them new opportunities.